Educational Sites for Kids


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Kids love to have fun because they enjoy it and it is who they are. And education these days are making it tougher for some kids to succeed with their schoolwork because it is not fun and the work is much harder to do. The “No Child Left Behind” is a wonderful program that the presidents go behind on ever since President George W. Bush started the campaign. It should not be left to the teachers to make it fun but the parents and other caregivers should participate as well. If you incorporate that technique with all of the subjects at school, they would be able to retain more information and succeed in life. Here is some websites to use with your kids. And you can use it too.

One of the first sites is “Kids Know It” which is at They have fun games, movies, podcasts and music to use in order for the kids to learn about different subjects. The topics are animals, astronomy, biology, chemistry, dinosaurs, geography, geology, history, human bio, math, memory, and spelling. Kids will have fun while learning at the same time.

PBS is known to show educational shows for kids and adults which are perfect that they created the “PBSKids” section. The site is located at Some shows that is memorable and kids of all ages like such as “The Sesame Street” and “Arthur” makes it fun. When they are playing games, they do not realize that they are learning.

A channel called “Nickelodeon” has shows for kids during the daytime and for adults during the night time. Kids may recognize the “NickJr” logo because they have fun and educational shows such as “Dora the Explorer” and “Ni Hao Kai Lan.” Besides just games, you can do some recipes together which is at the site. Videos and a forum is a way to spend some time together as a family while learning at the same time.

There are many other educational sites that a kid can learn from. Do keep in mind to limit computer time for kids.

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