Public and Private Schools Versus Being Home Schooled

Maybe you are contemplating on whether to send your kids off to school or be a parent who home school their kids. There is some pro and cons to this method which can maybe help you to decide before you made your final decision on it. And the opportunity to give your kids some good education will be valuable to help them succeed in life.

If you do not mind having other people to teach your kids, sending them off to school may be a good since there are some pros to this approach. The pro about this approach is they get to meet other kids and a time to relax and/or work. Many parents who chose this route may have some other little ones that are either going to school or not. It is important for the main caretaker (mostly moms) to take some time out for themselves. The teachers would have some activities for the kids to do while they are in school.

The con to this approach is that if attending a private school, there is some out of pocket funds. Unlike public schools, they are stricter with how they do things in school.

And now, about home schooling kids, there are some pros and cons as well. The pro to this approach is that you get to teach your kids while at home which is more time to spend together. Another good thing is if it’s been more than a while since you were in school, a way to brush up some school subjects such as history, science and English. There are some kids in this category that is academically smart.

The con is that if you do not do these five days a week, the kid will lag behind other people on an academic level. Another one is that they won’t get to socialize with other kids compare to kids who go to a private or a public school. And a parent won’t get much time to themselves if they wanted to work a certain amount of hours a day or week.

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